Wagga RSL Bowling Club

Bowlers of all genders, ages and abilities are welcomed and encouraged to try their hand at this beloved sport on the best greens and facilities in NSW (as voted by Greenkeepers in 2013)!

Expect a friendly, convivial atmosphere, with new members in particular invited to learn, practice and enter into Club competitions, held regularly during the week and on weekends. Our experienced coaches and members are always happy to assist new members every step of the way in a friendly, fun and encouraging environment. You’ll also be able to loan Club equipment to assist you on your bowls journey.

All Wagga RSL Bowling Club members, guests and visitors have access to our top-notch facilities, including two championship greens, which are maintained to the best possible standards by our greenkeepers, led by Gerard Suckling.

Social groups and visiting organised groups are more than welcome.

Phone direct on 0269 237 223 or email

Weekly Events

Men's Social Bowls Program

Wednesdays 9.30am Single Entry Triples
1.00pm Nominated Pairs
Fridays 9.30am Single Entry Triples

Women's Social Bowls Program

Tuesdays 9.30am Single Entry
Thursdays 9.30am Single Entry

Mixed Social Bowls Program

Sundays 9.30am Mixed Single Entry


Various levels of membership are available, from social or junior memberships through to those that wish to play local, district or further championships.

Membership Costs
All applicants must be a member of Wagga RSL Club Limited to join, and thereafter the Bowling Club Membership costs are:

Fully Affiliated Member $100
Multi Affiliated Member $40
Junior Affiliated Member $5
Social Member $40

Click here for an application form

2019 Championship Schedule

Wagga RSL Mens Bowling Club

August 4th & 5th RSL Graded 5, 6 & 7 Triples
September 29th Pink Ribbon Day
October 5th, 6th & 7th Invitation Classic Fours
October 19th & 20th Coca Cola Pairs
October 26th  Mixed Pairs

Wagga RSL Womens Bowling Club

June 6th Drawn Triples
June 11th Championship Triples
June 15th Mixed Pairs
June 18th Charity Day
July 4th Championship Fours
July 25th Drawn Fours
August 6th Minor Singles Championships
September 3rd Championship Pairs
September 23rd & 24th Bonanza
October 22nd RSL Tournament
November 5th Consistency Singles