Facebook Members’ Draw

Want to have the chance to win up to $10 000? Become a member of the Wagga RSL, like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WaggaRSL, and you’ll be in the draw! Draws take place every Monday and Wednesday at 11am.

Here’s how it works:

  • A member number will be drawn and posted on our Facebook page.
  • The member must have liked the Wagga RSL Facebook page prior to the draw taking place.
  • The member will have twenty-four hours to claim their prize by presenting themselves to the reception area of the club. They will need to see a manager or duty manager.
  • Member must have their current Wagga RSL membership card with them to verify membership validity.
  • If the member drawn on Monday fails to present themselves by Tuesday, 11am the draw will jackpot for the Wednesday draw.
  • If the member drawn on Wednesday fails to present themselves by Thursday, 11am the badge draw will jackpot for the following week’s draw.
  • The draws start at $1 000 and jackpot by $100 each draw that it is not won, to a maximum of $10 000. Once at $10 000, the jackpot will remain at $10 000 until won.
  • Once claimed, the draw jackpot will reset to $1000.

Click here for full terms and conditions

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